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To arrive, then headed to the decidedly seedy headquarters of the escort agency that had arranged Greg Brewster's nighttime companion. Head office was too grand a description for the two rooms situated above a downmarket nail salon on Edgware Road. The road was a noisy four-lane highway running north-west from a corner of Hyde Park to Maida Vale. A district that, according to buy youtube views Sol, was one of the most sought after real estate areas in north London. The only good thing about Edgware Road was its proximity to the emby: it wouldn't take her more than twenty minutes to get back to base. The proprietor of Escort Angels was a middle-aged buy youtube views woman whose plastic surgery had left her face looking like an explosion in a latex foam factory. She'd been nipped, tucked and pumped up into a caricature of a human being. She pouted her enormous lips in complaint when Ingrid asked her for access to her computer database. I don't know what you think you'll find, she said, in an accent that Ingrid had trouble placing. Definitely not London. The database was split in two. One labeled Escorts, the other Sweethearts. When Ingrid asked about the difference, the Bride of Frankenstein explained Sweethearts was the name of the dating agency she ran alongside the escort service. I'm sure we could fix you up with one of our lovely gentlemen. She peered at Ingrid's naked ring finger. Unless you have other tastes. We cater for all sorts. The woman attempted a smile, but what power she had left in her facial muscles wasn't enough to move all that rubbery flesh. Ingrid ignored her suggestion, promised herself she would definitely make the time to call Marshall that evening, and google continued to scroll through the lists of escorts until she came to the name used by Brewster's date for the night. Where are his contact details? He's new--I haven't had chance to enter them on the system yet. The woman reached into a drawer and withdrew a dirty s of paper. She placed it carefully on the desk in front of Ingrid. The phone number has been going straight to voicemail since yesterday morning. Ingrid tried to decipher the untidy handwriting. What's buy youtube views this? Masdon? I've never heard of it. The proprietor snatched up the paper and sucked her teeth. Neasden. She let out an exasperated sigh. It's clear enough. Where's that? North-west London. Where the flat-pack furniture comes from. Ingrid looked at her blankly. Don't you have Ikea in America? There's no post code on here. Then he couldn't have given one to me. Ingrid was already typing the first line of the address into an app on her phone. A moment later the message No results found popped up on the screen. You're sure you wrote it down correctly? That's the address he gave me. And youtube you didn't bother to check it out? What kind of screening process do you operate? I've been busy. How long has he worked for you? Not for us. All our escorts are freelancers, strictly self-emplo. I'm not from the IRS. The what? Never mind. Ingrid was already making her way to the door. How did he find you? This... Barry Cline? We advertise in a number of quality publications. He saw one of our ads. Did you carry out a criminal check? Or a credit check? I was getting around to it. I need a copy of his photograph. The woman huffed and puffed, but laboriously went through the process of printing a color picture of the man. The image was grainy and blurred. It